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Q?    Do you re-design existing websites?

A.    Yes we do. We can re-design your site retaining your company corporate style or we can re-design to give you a complete new image.

Q?    What if I want to set up and manage my own e-mails and web settings?

A.    If you would like to be able to administer your own hosting account we can provide you with access to your online cPanel which will allow you to add, delete and modify E-mail addresses, FTP accounts more. Call for details.

Q?    Will my website be responsive and mobile-ready?

A.    All websites are built to suit, but in general terms, almost all of our websites are fully-responsive.

Q?    How many pages can I have on my web site?

A.    As many as you like. From a search engines point a view – the more the better!

Q?    Once the website is complete, can I update it myself?

A.    Yes, you own the website and you can make changes at any time if you wish. You need to have a licensed copy of a Web design software and know how to transfer files to and from your live website (which are included in our website hosting setup documentation that is sent to you at the time of hosting). As we designed you website, it would be easy for us to do changes and you may want to sign-up for one of the website maintenance contracts as appropriate to you. Maintenance contract is a separate service and is NOT required to get web design service from us.

Q?    What will be the perfect cost of a website?

A.    Well, it depends on the type of the site. It also depends on how much pages you want to have. Thus it will completely depend on the man-hours taken and the specialization of your website.

Q?    Why should I hire a professional web design company to design my website?

A.    Website a new sales channel to your business which works 24 hours a day 7 days week irrespective of whether you are on vacation or busy with something. It is virtual showroom or sales office. When you open an office or showroom, did you do all of the interior decoration by yourself or some one with no-brand? I am sure you spend lot of resources and got it done in the right way by highly qualified professionals. You did that because, that office/ showroom is the one that gets customers or sends them away. No matter how great products or services that you have, that office or showroom is very important. Isn’t it?

Q?    I’d like a website. Where do I begin?

A.    Here goes the initial inputs that you need to provide to any web designing company:
• Decide what you want on the web.
• Set your goals – What do you want to accomplish?
• Organize your ideas
• Decide what you want your website to look like.
• Email your ideas & thoughts to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours with our proposal.

Q?    Why do I need a website?

A.    You or your company needs to have a website to: improve corporate image, improve customer service, find new prospects, increase visibility, perform transactions, expand your market and meet customer expectations.